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Abtech is a $17m technology products and services company. Abtech Test sells, rents, and services quality new, used and refurbished electronic test equipment. We cover a wide variety and range of products, including oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers (e.g. 8563EC) and signal generators (e.g. 8648C and 8648D). Abtech Test is your source for testing equipment. Our Test and Measurement division provides flexible rental and leasing options. Additionally, we offer to buy back used equipment for cash, trade-in or Abtech credit. Our senior technical staff possesses a variety of skill sets and backgrounds with over 30 years of metrology experience in commercial, experimental and military laboratories. The calibration services we offer include ISO 9001:2008 calibration with pre and post data at an additional cost for most instruments. These services can be performed in the lab or with scheduled on-site service.

We offer a wide selection of electronic test equipment from all the leading manufacturers: Agilent/Hewlett Packard, Tektronix, Rohde and Schwarz, Anritsu, Rigol and many more. Instrumentation types cover virtually all electronic test products: including Spectrum Analyzers (such as the HP/Agilent 8560EC and 8563EC), Network Analyzers (such as the HP/Agilent 85027D and 8753F), Oscilloscopes (such as Tektronix TDS544A and SD-32), Signal Generators (such as HP/Agilent 83650B and Tektronix AWG710B), Multimeters (HP/Agilent 34401A and HP/Agilent 4287A) and many more. All equipment is calibrated with NIST traceability and meets the original manufacturer’s specifications. Check our product search page to find items that fit your needs. In addition to Test & Measurement equipment, we can supply and service the computing products that work with them on platforms such as Windows, linux and HPUX. We also do Managed Services on your T&M, computing products and software.

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